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  • Friday, 24 March 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata hai 24th March Episode 2349 Written Updates

    Written update

    Dadi angrily walking in palace and Getting Old Flashback of Aditya and Naira and Aditya Was Saying to Dadi That Now Naira again Accusing Me 
    Dadi met With Suwarna and She Told her to complete Ritulas asap and We will Left
    Suwarana Asked to Complete it tomorrow but Dadi Scold her and Said If I am saying This So I have my reasons
    Back to Naira and Kartik
    Naira is Thinking The Time when Kirthi told her That Complete You Marriage Then She will herself told about Aditya To everyone
    Kartik is Saying This is Very sensitive issue My Sister is Concerned here and How can I Destroy my Sister Marriage on My Marriage Day 
    Kartik Told to Naira Angrily that Finish this off  Naira Sadly Murmurs I wish Kartik You can understand
    Kirti falls in Aditya’s Feet ask his Forgiveness and Aditya Lashes Out on Her
    Manish Approach’s Aditya and Ask Everything is Okay he Nodded and Dadi Saw them Together They Are Talking about Merger Project and Dadi Swears That She wont Allow Naira to break His Son’s Dream 

    Kartik and Naira came and Sit with everyone Naksh and gayu Sensed Problem Between Both

    Someone came and Told Kaira That You have eat in Same plate Dadi Bua and Other Told That Eating in One plate Increase Love and They Explain About This too
    Both Looks at Each Other and This Explanation Realize them Something 
    Bhabhi Ma Explained About Masala With Marriage That Was Something very Good
    When Chachiji asked Both To Feed Each other Both Looked Stunned and Ddnt Start
    Sensing Fishy Gayu and Naksh came To Rescue and Both Started feeding Each Other  and Silently Said Sorry to Each Other 
    All Said To them Eat Slowly so Much Time In Bidaayi Suwarna Frowned and Said That Maaji Said So less Time in Bidaayi and Changed to Today not Tomorrow
    Mishito cried That this is so less Time
    Naira Asked For where is his Papa Naitik??
    All Started Searching Naitik 
    He is Sitting on terrace With naira’s Childhood to Grown up all Pics 
    And Crying And Kissing Pics and Reliving His Moemry with Naira

    There All Family member and Told Each other that Naitik Is not Anywhere
    And naira Listened This She Asked Where is Papa??

    Here On Terrace he is Saying to pic Don’t Go Naira Don’t Leave Me Suddenly Air Blow and All Naira’s pics Flow Away and Someone Them Falls From terrace and Came In Naira’s Hand and Other Too
    Naira looks Up at terrace and Kartik Nudge her to Go 
    Naira without a Second Crying and Run to Naitik on terrace who is Still crying She Run to Him and Stand In front of him
    He Looks at Her and She Started that You keep me Away before Bidaayi and She added that I am Leaving and You are Crying I am The One Who is Leaving 
    He tried to Say Beta…But She cut him off and Said Don’t Call me Beta and You came Here So That No One Can Share Your Pain Why you came Here We can Share sometime Togeter But You Snatch My Time and My right
    Naitik Said I am Sorry and She tried to make her understand That For me That is so hard and I am being selfish and I dnt want My Daughter cry  bcoz of me That’s Why I left and I came here 
    Both Hugged Each Other

    In Hall All Started preparing for Bidaayi This is Hard for all
    Kartik Asked That Can I Ask Dadi for Postpone Bidaayi But All Said No
    Kartik said I will wait outside For me This is Hard Too 
    He About to Leave But Seeing naksh in this State He Patted His Shoulder and Left 

    Manish asked why Bidaayi time is Prepone anything wrong ??
    Dadi warned That Something Not Go Wrong that’s why early Suwarna Sense Something Wrong

    Kartik Asked Kirti that Something wrong did Naira Said was Right
    Kirti Sensed and Said No You don’t need to think about that You are Newly married you foucs on That 
    Kartik Said I want to make Naira laugh and Happy tell me What I do??
    Kirti Said You will Understand Yourself 
    She assured him

    Precap : Someone Said 15 min left for Bidaayi
    Naira is Crying and All Others Too Mishti came and Hugged Her

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