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  • Thursday, 16 March 2017

    Suhana aanounced To Go Away from Dev-Sona Devakshi Together to Make her Understand Kuch Rang Pyar Ke UMT 16th March Video Wu

    the segt shows a peaceful bose family where 
    Suha and Sona are seen having their meal at the dinning table with the bose family 
    suha asks sona where was she all this while .. sona replies that she had some important work but now she was free , now she would spend with her beti.
    suha places her demand before her nana ji ...
    she asks him to get her tickets to Kolkata done 
    nana ji Bijoy is thrilled to hear that 
    he feeds suha with his hands and declares that his poti shared his feelings and she was the only one . He is very happy at the prospect to shift back to Kolkata. 

    offscreen Sona says 
    suha desires to live together with both her parents just like all other kids 
    but since that is not feasible she refuses to live with either of them 
    sona says this is suha's way of handling things and trying ot reunite her estranged parents 

    next scene shows Sona trying to contact dev as she is worried that suha wishes to live away from both her parents ,but Bijoy is totally against Sona's move , he asks her to stop calling Dev, and stop telling him everything that was happening at Bose family , that she should stop allowing him to meet suha so often.He prevents sona from calling up Dev 

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