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  • Wednesday, 1 March 2017

    Suhana Denied To Eat from Ishwari's Hand Dev is Unhappy too 1st March Video WU

    Written Update

    There is So Much Hustle bustle In Dixit House Coz Their Happiness is coming To House 

    Ishwari is So Happy and Golu Made Cake For Suhana

    All Welcomes Suahan and Scene Shifted To Dinning Table Where Ishwari happily Made Suhana sit in front of her and She about to feed her with her Hand But Suhana Denied and Said She will eat herself 

    Ishwari upset hearing this
    Next Scene Where ihwari forward Same food to Dev and Suhana Asked Her By Adressing Him as Mr.Dixit and Ishwari is now More Hurt to hear This

    Shaheer Said He and Suhana have Deal That He Have to win her Heart Must watch this Video Segment

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