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  • Tuesday, 21 March 2017

    Neil and Avni Lost In Each Other at Holi Party Naamkaran UMt 21st March Video Wu

    Written Update

    Segment Start with Holi Party and Avni,Neil.Ali, Riya All Are Dancing and Enjoying Holi 

    Ali Twirls Avni and They Danced And on The Other Hand Riya and Neil Are Dancing and While Dancing Neil and Avni Came In front of Each Other and They Lost in Each Other Eyes  

    Reporter Said Avni was Trying to Avoid Neil But He came in front of her and They Lost in Each other 

    Avni's Interview She Said That i tried Hard to avoid Him Coz he has Doubt on Me That I did all this Things But I came in front of him She Added That All other Danced But i did Lil bit 

    Must watch this Video

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