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  • Friday, 24 March 2017

    "Naira's all Rituals on 1st Day At Goeka Hosue SBAS/SBB/SBAS Segment Video and Wu

    All the Segments are Almost Same

    Some High Points of Segments

    Kaira Did Pooja Together Dadi is Happy That after Ages Kartik Came to Temple and Did Pooja She Silently Thanks to Naira for this

    Kartik Wanted To help Naira in Her 1st Rasoi But Dadi Scolded Naira and Kartik Back Off

    Kirthi and Kids Came To Help Naira 

    Naksh Came to Take Naira for PaghPhere Rituals and Manish Gave Naksh Some Advice

    Something Happen And Naira About To Fall but Same Time Suwarna Held her One Hand and Kartik Other 

    She is Sandwich Between this two

    Note : Must watch Below All Video To Watch All Above Written 

    SBS Segment 

    SBB Segment 

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