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  • Friday, 31 March 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 31st March 2017 Episode 284

    Episode Start With 

    Photographer Taking Family picture and Suhana asked for Mumma’s Wait

    Just Then Sona came and She Stood beside Bijoy Suhana Than Askes for Papa

    Bijoy Told Suhana That We will Take Picture of Our Family 

    Than Dev came and Stand Beside Sona and Suahana Complimented Him That You are Looking Like Mr Bose and He Told That You are looking like Ms Dixit
    Bijoy asked Who Told You to come in Picture This is family picture Dev retorted and Told Suhana That we will take picture later Bijoy Interrupted and Told Photographer to take photo
    He Told Dev to put His Hand on her shoulder Dev hesitated Ms Gosh Told If You are Shying than I can come and He Put his hand on her shoulder and Photographer Takes pic
    Bijoy Cured him and murmured How He Tied Dhoti and left dev Told Budhau (Oldy) But Sona Hear This 
    And Retort What ??
    Dev Asked What ??
    Sona Told him That I Did For Family Pressure Otherwise I don’t even do for Kaanta Like You
    Dev Told That Beware Kaanta Chubh bhi Sakta hai 

    Ronita left Saurabh and Dev came and Tried to Say in Bengali Ki Holo (lol)

    Saurabh Said Ki Hol Nahi Ki Hola??
    He Told Him How He wanted to hear I love You But She is Shying 
    Dev told that He will Do some Tadka in This Bengali function 
    And He called Jaat Ki Jugni lead and Ask them To come
    Dev Took Mike and Announced Their name They came and Give Speech on Love Story and Promoted Their Show
    Dev than Annoucned Next Performer as Ms Chatarji and She came and Danced 
    Meanwhile Ronita’s Mom Put all jewellery In Bag and tried to Hard
    Here dev Announced Ronita’s Mom but She is missing So he Invited Sona’s parents and They Srtaed Dance 

    Dev came to Room To Search and Found Ronita’s Mom He asked What Are You doing Here 
    She Replied That I came for washroom
    Dev Suspected on her 

    All Danced and Dev came To Mike Again and Annoucned That Now This Time for Specail Performance Saurabh and Ronita But She have to confess her Love
    Ronita Scared and Dev Told Her That Ronita You don’t have To Scared
    Love is Special Thing You may Scared to confess But

    He Said “Apni Puri life main maine Sirf ek ladki se Pyar Kiya aur itna Kiya Ki Meri Jindgi kam Pad jaaye
    Mere liye wo Free wifi parking Lot Ki Tarah Gamri me Thandi hawa ki tarah who Mere liye Kya Hia I cant Say

    She Started walking towards Sona and Bith Shared Eyelock and Qucickly Sona Takes Suahana in front Dev understand and Kneel and Hugged Her By Saying I love You papa and he Said I Love You Too

    Dev again See This is Not Tough Don’t keep Your Hearty Talk in Heart You should Confess Soon
    And He Told Dj To Start Music

    Ronita Started Dance on “Hey Shona Song and She Moved with Rythems and Confess in front of everyone and all Clapped for her Saurabh Repiled I Love You Too

    Dev invivted Evreyone on Dance Floor for Dance Sona is Correcting Her Earing Jatin came and Offered His Help Dev Fumes Seeing This

    After Dance Dev Said Now Today I Know Bengali’s can do So Much Fun Too
    Jatin Slowly Told Sona That Now I know Why You Loved him So Much
    Dev is seeing all This
    Sona Told Jatin That What are Saying?? This is Not his Love you will see his Anger His PagalPan
    Jatin and sona Talk Ear to ear and Dev Fumes More
    Sona left and Dev Followed He came and Said I am not Stupid
    Sona retorted and told Finally You Know
    Dev told That I Know what are you doing with Ja…He stopped and Left in anger and Collide with Jatin
    Jatin said Sorry bro Dev Fumes and Told That I am Not Your Bro and You no need Sorry But Soon Very Sorry
    Jatin asked Sona What is This ??? Sona Repiled Pagalpan
    Dev came in room and in tears he Shouted why I am Giving so Much Importance ??
    Than Golu came and Hugged Dev and Asked hay are you crying Dev Drag Him to hall Where Golu met Jatin and Told Him That when 1st I Saw You I thought You are Suahana’s papa
    Dev Shocked to Here This

    Precap : Bijoy Has Jewellary purse in His hand and He Accused Dev for Steaing Ronita’s Jewellary Sona is shocked to see this

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