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  • Thursday, 30 March 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 30th March 2017 Episode 283

    Episode Start with 

    Bijoy and asha Are Greeting Guest and Bijoy Murmurs To Asha that Even this time Dev Should Go Home Asha tried to Suhhhh him 

    Sona asked Surabh About his Fault Mood ?? He replied That That Ronita Don’t have Time for me
    One Guest Sona where is Suhana??
    She anout to reply Than Dev comes down with Suhana from Staircase
    Bijoy’s friend Told That Suhana is Looking very Preety is That Person is Her Father 
    One lady came to Suahana and Compliment her That She Is Looking Very Beautiful She Asked Dev that You make her wear This Saree ??

    Dev Replied No She Herself wore She is Very independent and She Do all Her work

    Lady Asked Dev Do You remember me?
    Dev Guessed Mrs Gosh ??

    She Happily Nodded and Told That You remember me wow Very Sharp memory 

    Suhana asked Dev How You Remember ??? He Replied That I just Guess and Whatever Bengali’s have only 2 Surnames Bijoy Fumes Over This 
    Dixit house
    Mamaji came and Informed Ishwari That we are Going Veshno Devi Ishwari denied But Mamaji convinced Her Somehow 

    Bose House Kitchen

    Sona is arranging Drinks And Dev Offered his Help He Said Something and Sona Agreed 
    Both Came Out and One Guest asked You Three looks great Together 
    Sona Remembers What asha told Yday She Replied yes together for Soha 
    Bijoy Came and Took Plate from Dev and Told Him That He can Manage 

    Saurabh came To Ronita and Demanded to Say I love You Ronita Stunned and What ??

    Saurabh left and Sona Came To Rescue and Drag him to her Dev Came and Gifted Them Their Photo frame Both Said Thanks 

    Dixit House

    Vicky Stopped Elene to go to Bose house She Retrorted That I will Go Ishwari came and Sstopped and Said No Body Wants Their Anyone from This Family So You cant Go

    Suhana Asked Dev For Dance and He Said yes We will

    But Bijoy came and Asked dev You bring saree for Suahana Why ddnt You purchase Nice traditional Kurta Dhoti for You
    Dev Replied I wore Denim and Jacket I dnt know how To wear Dhoti
    Bijoy Dra him to His Room and Threaten Him That He wont allow Him to Dance with sona If he wont wear Dhoti and Kurta

    Dev Fumes and Tried But He Don’t Know How To Tied Dhoti He calls Sona and Told Her to come to Room and Tie Dhoti But She Denied and He Told That Your father is Very Strange and he put this condition After Here this Sona ddnt agree Than Dev Said Please Come She Still not agree than he Threaten her That I will come Without anything and you Will be responsible for Outcome so Came in 10 counts 

    Asha told Bijoy That Ronita’s Paresnts asked us to come to Talk some personally ROnita’s mom take Out Jewellery Bijoy without even realize told Them that we don’t want anything Ronita’s Mother replied That No no we are Giving She will just Wear in marriage Asha Teased Bijoy That That why I told You Think before Say Anything

    Sona came inside room Shouting on Him that I am not Your PA who you can Order
    and I dnt Know how To tie Dhoti and Why You called me 

     Dev Ask Whom should he call Sourabh ??? 
    Sona tries to come out of room but
    Dev grabs her  and pulls her close sona is shocked but SHe Composed on his move and  asks him to let her go

    Dev said i am not going to let you go leaving me  this dhoti problem 

    Sona said guests are waiting dev told her that if he was going to remain in this room then You will Give Company to me

    Sona tries to wriggle out but Dev Made his Grip More Strongly

    and they Shares a Eyeslock

    Dev said  if i cont not spend time with my beti and then You wont too

     Sourabh asked Ronita to say I love you Photographer came and asked for Family Pic 

     Sourabh refuses to smile Ronita Tried But He Refuses

    Bijoy asked where is sona ?? He Goes to Search her

    Dev stopped Sona from screaming by covering her mouth with his Palms and .asks her not even think about revealing her presence here . She is angry but dev said that he saved her from Bijoy what will he think when he saw us in This State

    Giving Up Sona helped him with Dhoti . Dev asked now How Do you Know ?? Sona Said That if You could use internet for putting on gajra so could i can Take Internet help for Tioein Dhoti too

    Dev stares at Sona as she starts Tieing  dhoti , Sona can feels his eyes on her and asks him to look up and turn back. 
    Dev nodded and Did what she Told  
    She scolds him and told  him to keep his hands up and stand straight . 

    Finally dhoti is draped and she said come in front of him and Said perfect.  Dev stares at her face and says just perfect .

    Precap : 

    Dev is Hosting Sangeet dev told Ronita how being in love was the most beautiful thing in this world and Dev confesses his love for the only girl,in his life . 
    Sona knows he was talking about her. Dev movs towards sona who is Standing with Suahan

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