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  • Wednesday, 29 March 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 29th March 2017 Episode 282 Written Update

    Episode Start With Dev is Massaging Sona’s Hair and Sona Said Listen do on Shoulders too
    When Dev touched on Shoulder She Jerks open Her Eyes and Shouted what are Doing Here ??
    Asha Bijoy and Saurbah Rushed to Room and asked what happened
    Sona About to Shout but Dev put His Palms on her Mouth and Said Don’t tell them what will happen
    When They Saw us Like This
    Sona replied Bijoy That there is Mouse Big Dirty mouse Dev irritated by Hee taunts
    After they Left Sona asked Him How Dare You come to My Room ??
    Dev Said Excuse me I came Here to change Dress but you came from Washroom What can I do
    Sona Said Why you massage me Dev Said Say You Liked It And By the way You Look Like Aunty
    Sona about to reply But Dev left and Sona Fumes And Murmurs That How Dare he call me Aunty

    Dev and Saurabh : Dev Told Saurabh to Do Exercise Suddenly Saurabh calls him Jiju and Dev Said You can call me Dev or Trainer  But I wont let You go like This is your Marriage Asha came and Told That we will do this Later

    Dining Table

    Dev About to start But Bijoy told Him that We all family member Do Lunch Together With family member
    Dev taunts and Said Are You consider me your family member
    Than Sona came Down from Stairs and Dev Just Looks At Him He Lost in Her and When he About to put his chin on his Elbow He jerks and Saw Sona is Looking at him
    Dev Told him that You are So late I am Hungry

    Bijoy Said yes Lets Start and He Opens the vessels and Dev Look at Non Veg Food All Shocked include Sona
    Than Bijoy Said That what You will eat Dev You go outside and Eat
    Dev Said You don’t have to worry Then Door Bell Rings and Golu came with ishwari and Golu told Dev that I missed You so much
    Golu met everyone And he is Very happy to have all the members
    Ishwari Brings Food For Dev and Dev Took Food and Said Yummy smell and Looks at Bijoy
    Than All have Their Dinner
    Bijoy Taunted and Insulted  Golu and Ishwari Dev Fumes and Told Golu and Ishwari to leave Dev Said I will come with you mom upto Exit He Came back and Rise his Hand All Looked Stunned and Than Dev Folds His hand and Said That Sorry that My Mom came without informs ad It wont

    Go again 

    And The looks at Sona and Told Bijoy that sona went to his house next week the same rules will apply to her too 
    And He left 

    Dixit House 

    Mamiji Asking Vicky to do Something and She Stopped when She Saw ishwari home She Asked what happened Ishwari replied That Dev Asked her to leave 

    Dev is in Rage  n the room when Asha comes and said Sorry for Bijoy's behaviour Dev asks her. Don’t say Sorry
    He said That he Doesnt know his maa was coming , he would have stopped her 
    Then he Said  he could retort to Bijoy angrily.  But he controlled Himself 
    Asha tried to say that bijoy cant control anger Dev asks Asha how she tolerated this horrible man all her life 

    Asha stared at Dev 
    Dev realizes what he Did and He tried to say Sorry asha Cut him off and Said Get ready for Sangeet 

    Sona Saw this and About to enter and Gave Dev Earfull But Asha Stopped her 

    Ahsa Bring her to Room and Asked what you will Say To Him 
    She Replied and Told Asha That I will Say Him That My baba is World’s Best father Dadu and husband 
    Asha Cutt her off and Said Your Baba was Not Like This Before He is Best husband or Not is Only I can decide he Was Different when we Married he was So angry on little things I did compromise Because I ddnt have Choice
    Sona tried to Say Sorry But Asha Said He is My husband and Always “tere Kahne Se badalne wala nahi”
    Dev came her For Soha and What Will You do That Outcome Effect Soha’s Life

    Precap : Bijoy told dev to change in kurta and Dhoti
    Dev Called Sona That Come to room and Help me Tie Dhoti Soa Refused Dev Told That I will come outside without any clothes if u wont come in 10 counts

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