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  • Monday, 27 March 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 27th March Episode 280 Written Updates

    Dev Approached and Bijoy asked You will Live here??

    Dev Nodded and Bijoy asked Sona What he is Saying
    Dev to Bijoy I forget My Manners He Came Inside and Bijoy Shouted
    Where Are You Going
    Dev came to Surabh and Congrats Him and Asked Wont you introduced to Your Better Half
    Dev Said Hi To Ronita and He Said I am Dev…Naam To suna Hoga
    Then He Turns Towards Sona and Asha and Said Here You Fav Bose Girl And his Words Towards Asha
    And Said I want to Came before and Wanna Help But..

    Dixit House

    Ishwari Made Food for Dev and Suhana
    Mamaji tried to Make Her understand That Don’t o Its Not Good There Is Dev with his Daughter he
    Will take Care Eberything

    Bose House

    Sona Asked Dev atleaset You should Call before Came Here
    Dev Said Sorry I was In Hurry and In That I forget to bring ift for Saurabh but I Bring Something for Mr Bose He Take Our BP tablets for Bijoy and Said Blood Pressure Pills Because I will Be Stay here for 1 week
    Then Suhana came with Jatin and She Saw Her Papa and He Run to Him and Asked Papa You came ?
    Dev said Now I came By Door not from window and I will Stay with You aren’t You wanted That
    Sona told Him That I Draw Something for You lets See na
    Dev Said You Go I will come
    Surabh’s In Law Leave and Saurabh Said I will Walk to them upto Door
    Bijoy Shouted on Dev To leave dev To Jatin Can Yiu Leave We Are Here Discussing Family Matter
    Jatin replied That I wont go anywhere
    Bijoy supported and Said He is From Family and He wont go and Anyone who would is You
    Dev irritate him and Said Take This Pill and Stay calm Sona Glares Him
    Than Dev Told all that I came here for my Daughter and I don’t give Damn to anyone
    Dixit House  

    Mamiji and Vicky Are Talking
    Mamaji Said DO Something and Vicky Said That I will but I will keep That With me
    You don’t Bother

    Bose House Suhana’s Room
    Sona Showed Him her Drawing and Everything Her Cupboard In which She Create Space for Dev’s Belonging
    Suhana Than Asked Papa Why Dadu Angry with You
    Dev Make her Understand That I hurted Your Mumma That Why He is Angry with Me 

    Mamaji  emptying dev's cupboards and Told Ishwari That Before That Bangalan came and DO herself all this i will do By meself and try to put venom in Ishwari's Head 

     Bose house 

    Bijiy ask  Jatin to explain to Sona But he Said That Its Her Decision

    Suhana's room

    Sona came to room and Told Suahan to Sleeping Time and Dev ask where is My Room
    Suhana Said That i want to sleeo with you Dev To Sona That today you sleep in Guest Room Fumes Sona replied how could she sleep in the guest room of her own house ??

    Suna suggests that You both could share suha's bed together , they were her parents after all 

    Both have shocked awkward eyelock 

    Bijoy is trying to peep into  room and Curse dev

    Dev to Sona that it was no big deal I am not throwing you out of the house just asking you to sleep in guest room for the night.  

    Sona refuses 
    Both have heated argument . Dev accuses her of making baat ka batangar , She Said What is This Language  
    Dev says it is  Hindi , and Now i have to Teach You  Hindi too

    Finally Suha asks them both to stop arguing and asks them to sleep on her bed 

    Bijoy hears that and exclaims SARVANASH !!!

    Asha tried to calm him

    Precap : 

    Dev is sleeping on the couch while Sonakshi and Suhana  are sleeping on the bed . 

    Midnight Sona wakes up and notices Dev is about to fall off the couch  

    She runs to him and tries to push him back into the couch ,  Dev rolls over and falls on Sonakshi

     both get shocked at this closeness , and  eyelock !!

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