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  • Friday, 24 March 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 24th March Episode 279 Written Updates

    Episode Start With 
    Asha Said She will Support Dev and Sona
    Mamaji To Supported And Said You are Saying right he Told Ishwari That I am too with Devakshi and Said Lets Go
    And They Left
    Dev Said Sorry to Suhana and Told That Situation is Wrong Sometime Elders Behave Like Childern
    He Said I am Doing for You This and He Said Go with Nani Suhana Told I call her Asha and Dev Said Thank to Asha
    Dev About to Leave Bijoy yelled Him That You made Other Fool but You wont make me
    Sona Cut Him off And Said Baba You Go Home You have So Many Work Tom is Suarabh’s Aashirwaad and You are leaving for KolKata
    Dev Angered Bijoy By Saying This If You need any Help Than Tell me
    Sona Said No By Eyes and All left From There

    Dev and Sona are Discussing 
    Dev Said So Come to my House 
    Sona Said why Yours You came to My House 
    Dev Said No Not possible 
    Sona asked Why Because You are Men ??
    Dev Controlled him anger And Said No You think Your Father let me Live in Peace 
    Sona Retort back and Said Y=My House Noise is Better Than You House Peace Both Fought and Dev Said Okay We will Take Another House and We Will Live There
    Sona Said and When We are at work Who take Care of Her ??is That How You Take Care of her??
     Sona Suggest That 7 days I will Live In Yoor House and After That You Live In mine House
    Dev again Said No…Sona Said You Think and Tell me I am Leaving and She Left

    Bose House 
    Asha Saying to Bijoy Tom is Function and No One is Taking Resposibility Thank God I ddnt Even informed Ronita’s Mother
    Sona came and Suahan Asked Her What Happen 
    Bijoy Said Sarvanash Hoga lol

    Dev is Thinking what Sona Said and He Is Thinking that I have Stopped Suhana Now What I will Do Now?
    Ronita and Suarbabh is hacing Cute Moments Over Video calling
    Mamaji came To Ishwari and Put venom in Her Ears She Told Her to File Case Against Her
    Ishwari showed some sense and Sense I wont do anything Like This

    Bose House
    Suarabh’s Aashirwad Ceremony
    All Applying Tilak to Suarbah and Bijoy asked Jatin to do with Sona
    Sona Teased Saurabh 
    Jatin asked Suahana Why sad??
    Suahana Asked Where is Papa?? Is he Coming to meet me
    Dev Carry his Bag on his Shoulder and About to Leave Mamiji asked Think for once Befire take any decision
    Dev Said I am Not Leaving for Life time I will stay ther for 7 days and after me Sona Will came here for 7 days to stay
    Ishwari seems Hurt  

    Dev said to ishwari That I suggest to Sona to live in another house but Sona Said No She wants suhana to live with family
    Mamaji Supported Him Hurted Ishwari Feed him Dahi Shakkar leaving before Good Work
    All wished him Luck
    He Left mamaji said Ishwari you should Proud of your Son He is Good Son But Now he is Going to be Best Father 
    Ishwari Said That What Life is this Betiyo ko Bid Kiya Jaata hai But Aaj Bete Ko Bida Kar rahi hu
    And I take a oath that When Suhana will Leave She will leave as Suahan Dixit

    Bose House 
    Ronita and Surabh Takes Blessing of Other and All Aksed saurabh to Dance and jatin Said I will Dance with Suahana

    Surabh and Ronita Danced on Tune Marri Entry (Must watch Danc)
    Scene Showed Dev On bike Coming to Bose House
    Jatin Joined In Dance and Asha too
    Suhana Draggs Her Mom and Sonakshi Too Danced and Other Scene Dev Reached Bose House 

    Dev In front of Bose House getting all Flashes How He came Her House How Sona Throw him Out

    She Said To Himself That I came This House again \

    he feels he had Some connection with this house and family , first as boy friend than mad lover fiance, husband ..but this time only as Suhana's papa

    He came to door rings the bell . 
    Bijoy opens the Door and stunned into silence .
    All come to check who it was , all are taken aback .. 

    Dev greets Bijoy with :  Hello Mr Bose .. Did you miss me ??? Bijoy asks angrily why was he here ?? 
    He asks did Sona not inform you all ?? 
    Dev asks Sona did she forget to inform everyone that he was arriving ?? He was going to stay here for 7 days . Following which Sona would come over to stay at his place !! 

    Angry Bijoy looks at Dev and asks Sona to tell him to leave his house . Sona asks Bijoy not to behave this way in presence of guests and Suha there too

    Suha tells Dev that he should have informed before arriving 
    Dev replies he was getting impatient to meet his daughter , so he just arrived 

    Dev gives angry Bijoy bose some Blood Pressure medicines as he would need them as he was going to live here 

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