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  • Thursday, 23 March 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 23rd March Episode 278 Written Updates and Youtube Link

    Episode Start with 

    Sona Stand Up But Bijoy asked where are You Going 
    Sona Said Going to call dev
    Bijoy Said Why Him Suahana took Very good Decision You Should 
    Support Her
    Saurabh Said That Suhana is Dev’s Daughter he Have Right 
    Bijoy Intruppted and Said No One Will Say anything to Dev and This is My Final Decision

    Dixit House
    Ishwari came and Told That Golu told That Suhana Ddnt talk with anyone 
    Dev replied Said That Sona Handle Everything and Now Suhana is Okay
    Ishwari Said Are You sure That She wont think this Again?
    Dev Said No She wont
    Ishwari said Go and Bring her Home
    Dev Said I will tomorrow

    Bose House
    Asha Tried To Make Bijoy Understand That Suhana is Dev’sDaughter She Must have Father in her Life
    Bijoy Yelled That You Did in Past and Now You are Doing again Sona may hate me But I am doing this For my Daughter’s Future

    Sona came and Told Asha That Why Dad is talking Suhana Away from me Why he is supporting her Me and Dev will, never be Together Again
    Asha Said That You let her Go this is Her Decision and May be After go from here She will understand and came Back

    Saurabh informed Ronita About Suhana and Bijoy’s decision
    Sona came to bijoy and Asked why are You doing this 
    Bijoy Said Don’t even try to Say Dev’s Name and you are her mother You should Support her 
    Sona said As a Mother I have Another Duty that Her have to Know About her Decision She called Dev but her Phone is off

    Ronita try t console Saurabh and Their Cute Moments

    Next Day
    Morning Suahan’s room
    Sona came and Caresses Sleeping suahan’s Cheeks she opens her Eyes and greets Her Mother
    Sona asked why are You up early
    She replied No I don’t wanna Miss my flight She Runs to Washroom and Sona Started Packing
    Sona was Packing her Drawing but suhana came back running and Said Don’t pack this keep this here You both see this when you miss me 
    Sona hugged Suhana and Said but I will my Real doll most

    Dev came Out of his House in Hurry But ishwari stopped and feed him and Asked Him to Take care of suhana on his Fast Bike (Fatfatiya)

    Bose House 
    Bijoy asked suhana to Kiss her Mumma Bye 
    Sona Watched Her Going Suddenly she Came Back and Hugged her Mother Sona Kneel down and Said I know You wont Go but Suhana Said Sorry Mumma But I am going You take Care and She Left with Bijoy

    Dev came After Sometime and Asked Sona That Mom is Missing Suhana can I take her For one Day I promise I ll do all her Homework everything Silently Sona Saw everything
    Not geeting any reply from her Dev Asked where is Suhana
    Sona Said She is gone?
    Dev Asked Where?? Any class?? Please Say Where is She ??? 
    Sona Said For Kolkata
    In Car Surabh is Driving and Bijoy Said Apne Shahar jaane ki baat hi alag
    Bijoy Told Saurabh to Drive Fast 
    He replied That I am Driving Safe You don’t worry you wont miss Your fligh

    Dev and Sona At Bose House
    Dev Shockley What She Left and you let her Go ??
    Sona Replied Yes and How Can I stop her Forcefully ??
    Dev Said No I will Give Her what She Wants I will give Her Mother and Father Love “Tum Saath Ho “??

    Both Left on Bike (OMG ) Dev Drives and Sona is Sitting behind and Her Hand on his Shoulder
    Mamaji Mamiji and Ishwari are Driving to temple but Mamiji Saw and Ishwari said Mamaji to Follow Them

    Dev Drives So Fast and Stopped in front Of Bijoy’s Car 
    Suahana Came out and Said Papa
    Dev Kneel down and Said Papa ki Bachhi

    Dev Said Do you want me Live with Mumma I promise I will
    Suhana Said Yes and I will DO what you want

    Ishwari who reached same Place And Shocked to hear this 
    She Said Dev But You said You wont live with Sona
    If her Up bring in our House 
    Bijoy Angered and Said What u wanna Said
    Mamiji try to Fuel But Dev Stopped and Said This is My Decision and For My Daughter only Sona Too Stopped Bijoy But Asha Said That I will Support Dev and Sona in This

      Precap : Bijoy Opens Door and Saw Dev standing there Dev Said Mr Bose Did u miss me??
    Bijoy Asked Why are You Here
    Dev asked Sona That Ddnt You informed Him That I will Live here 7 days then Sona in my House

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