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  • Wednesday, 22 March 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 22nd March Episode 277 Written Update Youtube Link

    Episode Start with 
    Dev Asked Suhana Do u Like Pizza
    But Suhana Denied 
    Dev Told Her That I know This is Not your Real Smile he Said Tell me What You want
    Sonakshi tried to interfere but Dev lashes Out But Suhana interrupted and Said You cant talk to my mothet Like This
    Dev Controlled and Said Sorry 
    Dev Again Said That Sona I tried What You said but I cant 
    Sona Explain That If I spend time With One I will Miss other And I love You Both and I want to live With You both Dev Said I love You Suhana and Suhana Asked Sonakshi for Home 
    Both Dev and Sona reached their House 
    Dev Drop Golu and Golu asked Where are U Going Dev Said I am going to meet Suhana
    Golu asked But we Just Met her Dev Said I cant Stay away from Her
    And Golu asked From me ??
    Dev Somehow convinced Him

    Bose House :
    Saurabh and Ronita’s Marriage Talk and They all tease Saurabh by Saying That We decided Date After one year Lol Saurabh’s Expression is Worth Watching and They Said We are Just teasing 

    Dixit House 
    Ishwari asked Golu Where is Dev golu told That He is going to meet Suhana
    Mamaji Started Her Taunts and Said That You lost Your Son he is Going to meet That Bangalan and He will go to there and Leave You
    Mamaji came and Yelled At Mamiji and tried to Correct ishwari That Dobt interfere this Time Ishwari Said I am Not doing anything Like This But I am trying to Correct if Anything is Wrong Mamaji tried to convinced her but all in Vein

    Bose House 
    Dev came to meet Suahana and Saw her Eating ice cream and playing with Jatin he Fumes Seeing Jatin and Suhana’s closensee

    Dixit House 
    Mamaiji came and Started yelling on Vicky That Suhana Will Snatch Our Everything and Bla Bla 
    Vicky Asked Please Say Correctly She narrated what Suhana Asked 

    Bose House 
    Dev asked Sona To come out of house 
    She came and Asked What Are you doing here ??
    Dev told if I know Jatin is Here I wont come
    Sona Smirked and Said You are Jealous from Jatin
    Dev Said I told you No One come to meet her and You Called Jatin
    Dev Controlled and Sit on Road 
    Sona too Sit with Him and Said That I am there too where You Are Standing Both Shares Their Pain Sona Said Just think What we are feeling What Suhana is Going through
    Dev Said Tell me What I do 
    Sona Corrected And Said What we DO 
    Both About to say Together Sona Said 1st You tell
    Dev Said That You are Business women of the year and I am Dev Dixit But we cant do anything
    Dev Somehow Asked For Suhana Can we And Stopped In middle 
    And asked “tum Bhi Kuch Kaho”
    Sona Said What I say ?? if I said No then I am Saying No to My Daughter 
    Sona Said That I will talk to her 
    Dev Asked Are You sure ?
    She Nodded 

    Suhana Asked Why are looking me Like This
    Jatin replied That Because You are making Your Mother Week
    Suahana Asked How ??
    Sona Explained That Because what You said Making me Week but You are My strength
    Suahana Asked Do you want to stay happy like This then I will be Happy like This Sadly She Agreed and Her Smile is Not reaching her eyes
    Sona Called Dev and informed him Everything Both Started Nok-jhok and Told eatch other That Your Daughter is Like You
    Dev Asked Again Are You sure ??

    Sona said That She Wont lie 

    Bose House on Dinning Table
    Suhana Said to Mom That Eat Quickly its so delicious
    Sona said That I have lot of Time
    Suhana turned To Bijoy and Said Please Book Mine Your and Asha Ticket for Kolkata
    Asha Said But For Durga Pooja is so far
    She Said No asha I want to go Tomorrow I will Live With You both Asha and Bijoy and I will study in my old School
    Bijoy supported Her
    Sona interrupted and Asked Are You Joking with me
    Suhana Said I promise You But I don’t want to live here Alone
    Asha Tried to Make her understand Sonakshi is Stunned and She said I don’t want to live without you

    But Suahana Stuck to her word she Said Goodnight and Left  

    Precap : Suahan told sona To Say bye to papa and She Left
    Dev came and asked where is suhana Sona told That She Left 
    Dev About to left Sona Asked where are You going he said to take our daughter Back and will You Give me Your Support ??

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