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  • Monday, 20 March 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 20th March Written Update and Video Link

    Written Update

    Episode Start with Sona is Sleeping and Soha came to room and sit beside her Sona Jerked opens hr eyes and ask her what happen What are you thinking
    Soha replied Nothing Are You Ok she tried to Massage her lesg
    Sona said I am okay Perfect Just Perfect and Both Hugged Each other

    Next day Morning
    Sonakshi Wokeup and Called Soha But Not found anywhere
    Dev left a Note for her and Wrote Take Pain killer and sleep you need rest

    Scene where Golu dev and Soha somewhere and Golu scolding someone Dev is injured and sona came there asked what happen Sona explained how Dev injured

    Soha said That Now Mr Dixit and Mumma is Same Now (Cute isn’t it )
    Sona Showed her concerned and told dev to Take rest
    When Soha’s Name Announced for Race She is Sad coz she cant Take Participate bcoz her Mumma is injured but Dev Said he will Participate as His Parents His Father
    Sona Ask him Again He Said yes and Soha Beemed with Happiness
    Scene Shifted To Dev is going for Race and Soha and Golu wished him

    Race Started and Dev Runs and Climb the wall but He is Injured and Pain showing on his face Soha and sona Seems very concerned
    Suddenly dev falls from Wall and Sona Screamed Dev
    Soha Get Flashback where He Met 1st time How Dev Cancled His meeting and Everything and All those Moments and Suddenly Soha Called Dev as Papa he Looks at her and She runs to Him who Sat up on ground Seeing her Daughter running towards her
    Soha Asked Papa are you Ok
    Dev : I am Perfectly ok
    Soha : Are you not Hurt
    Dev Thinking and Said : You lost bcoz of me
    Soha: its ok Papa
    Someone Said From behind That You won in Real

    Scene Shifted Where Dev Sona Soha and Golu are sitting and Dev Again Said That You lost because of me But Soha said That I got my papa
    Teacher came and gave troffy to Soha and Dev best Jodi as best Daughter and  Father
    Teacher Asked for picture and Dev and Soha posed and Soha Called Sona and One Picture Together
    Dev Asked Sona For one more Day with Soha
    Somehow Sona agreed And Asked where are we Going and Dev Told I will tell later
    Dev about to go Soha called and Said Papa come Quickly

    Bose House
    Saurabh and Bijoy arguing over soha wont Go to Dixit house and Bijoy said what Dixit  Did with Surabh and I wont Allow Soha to go dixit House Surabh tried to say but Bijoy Shouted on him

    Soha and sona are waiting for Dev and Soha asked When papa will come
    Sona said he will come soon

    Dev comes with car and Sona Asked that Behid Loading auto with You Dev said Yes you will get to know 

    Dev drived then to orphan age Sona Saw name plate and Asked Ophan age Dev nodded and Soha asked what is orphanage Dev replied and Said Here Those Kids Live Who dnt have Parents They Entered in Opahnage and Spend Day there distributed Gifts to them
    They are about to leave Golu murmurs to Soha that Ask na??
    Sona Saw and asked What you wanna ask ??

    Soha asked Dev i want something from you
    Dev Replied What You want i Will give You everything 
    Soha asked i want to live with You both and i dnt want to live without you both
    Sona said Soha i told you before We cant live Together
    Dev Supported Sona and said to soha that i may be good father,son But we cant stay together
    We fight and we dnt want our fight will effect you
    Sona too try to make her undertand 
    She Said I have decided something if you wont live together and i wont live with anyone

    Precap :ishwari asked what Soha asked dev said she wants to live with both of us and There Sona said to Aasha that Dev Was injured but he participated for soha..soha loves Dev and
    assha asked And You ???

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