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  • Saturday, 4 March 2017

    Harman Injured Surbhi To Kidnap by Kareena Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki SBAS 4th March Video WU

    Written Update

    Segment Start with offscreen Videos Where vivian is Playing Billiard and Rubina is Standing There

    Next Scene Harman and Surbhi enters and Harman;s Hand is Covered with with Clothe His Hand is Hurt and He is Limping Coz he Injured 

    Reporter Said "Kabhi Langda To Kabhi Game Khelta Hai harman"

    Next Reporter Said That Surbhi and Harman is Out for Sight Seeing and Saaya Informed about what Happen In their Absence and Kareen came to Kidnap Soumya

    One Foreign Member Too who is connected with Surbhi's Home and Reporter Said Shocking is Surbhi will be Kidnap Not Soumya 

    Must watch This Susperb Segment 

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