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  • Monday, 27 March 2017

    Divaynka and Vivek's Masti and Dance WishList Nach Baliye YHM UMT 27th March Video Wu

    Written Update

    reporter Started With Divek's 1st Dance Shoot and They Took Interview Too Where Vivek and Diyanka did So Much Fun 

    They Talked About How Bharti Made Them Laugh on Serious Situation and They Have to control when Getting Serious Comments 

    Reporter Asked On which Song You Both want to Dance
    They Said We cant Reveal But yes We Have Danced on So many Songs on which We Want
    Vivek Said I want to Dance on Biwi Number 1 and Divyanka teased Him By Saying i Thought You will say Bhujiya Wujiya lete Chalo Vivek Put His Palm on her Mouth and Said What are You doing on National Tv

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