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  • Tuesday, 21 February 2017

    Shivaay takes Anika in his Arms Ishqbaaaz SBAS 21st February Video+Wu

    Written Update

    SBAS played Ek taraf hai gharwali Song and made fun of whole situation Shivay is in 

    They showed Shivay having headache and wen Tia noticed Anika getting medicines for Shivay, she slyly  offered him a head massage, saying Shivay u will feel relaxed!

    Anika in jealousy crushed all flowers and Pinky gave her to make garland and Pinky in anger asked her to bring a bowl of sugar and make Halwa of the crushed flowers, kuch toh  kaam aayenge 

    Shivay was watching with a smirk,  how Anika crushed flowers in jealousy so after Pinky left, he started teasing her and said  showering the crushed flowers with his hand, Bol do Anika tumhe fark padta hai but Anika in frustration picked a knife to scare him and  they had a funny knife scene!

    Later Shivay pulled her into a back hug and said, Ye sab games khelne se achcha hai Anika tum bol do ke tumhe fark padta hai and she said  Mujhe Fark nahi padta hai  and they had some close moments !

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