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  • Thursday, 23 February 2017

    Ishwari Gets Suhana Home and Pampered Her Kuch Rang Pyar ke SBS 23rd February Video WU

    Written Update

    Ishwari gets Suhana home 
    she make friends with suhana and gets her home not knowing  it is suhana their poti ...Ishwari faints at the mandir and suhana helps the old lady . ishwari gets her new friend home and feeds her besan ka halwa feeling grateful for her help .

    later dev arrives home and notices suhana . after the child has left dev reveals to maa  that the child she made friends with today was her own poti suhana 
    ishwari is so upset that she failed to recognize her poti ?? 

    offscreen shaheer is seen having offsceen masti with both the kids , they hug SS and he takes them on a ride on his awesome mobike around the sets . he dodges questions related to the future story . 

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