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  • Thursday, 23 February 2017

    Ishita Became saviour for Shagun and her Unborn Child YHM SBAS 23rd February Video Wu

    Written Update

    Ishita Aliya Ruhi and Mihika all are dressed up as South Indian and Looking very Beautiful
    Reporter Said "Mrs Bhalla Sabki Nazar Utar rahi Hai
    Par Buri Nazar Nidhi Ki Lag Gayi"

    But Ishita Became Savior and Saved Shagun and Her Unborn Child from Nidhi's Evil eye 

    Nidhi Mixed Poison in SHagun's Kheer and When Shaun About to eat ishita came and Stopped her She doesnt know That Nidhi Did This 

    Must watch this Video

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