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  • Saturday, 7 January 2017

    Raghav's Deal Broke Naina's heart "SBB/IBN 7/Newnation 7th January Video+WU

    Written Updates

    SBB/IBN7/Newnsation All Segment Have Same Concept yet Video Scenes Different from Each Other

    After the Jail drama Naina is now currently staying with her mother and Sister-in-law at her Brother's house Who is now behind the Bar

    Raghav came to take naina back in the house He Says to Naina that Dadi Sent him to bring you back Hearing this She feels hurt coz He ddnt came by himself dadi sent him but Naina Present herself strong in front of him not broke down in front of him

    Here Raghav continues that He makes a deal with Naina that he will take back his statement only if Naina comes back to stay with him for 7 days and in these seven days she collects evidences and proves that her brother is innocent .

    SBB Segments

    (Must watch Videos for amazing Acting from both Actor)

    Newnastion Segment

    IBN 7 Segment

    Naina is very Disturb  as her mother has fallen sick and stopped eating because of her son Rajiv's  imprisonment . She is unable to celebrate the arrival of her grand son .

    Naina does her best to console Maa and asks her to remain busy caring for the baby .

    Naina is very hurt with Raghav's deal and she declares she will surely prove her brotner's innocence in these 7 days ..

    Reporter says will these seven days make RaIna realize the love n care they have for each other ??
    Will their bonds strengthen ?? Yeh hai pyaar ki shuruwaat .

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