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  • Saturday, 17 December 2016

    "Ruthi Anika Ko Shivaay Manaye" Ishqbaaaz SBAS 17th December Video+WU

    DONT POST VIDEO ON INSTA/TWITEER othwise we will report ur account


    anika is sitting on the bed (shivaye's bed) , lost in thought , she is in a pastel shade of ? suit ? night dress with flowing sleeves , shivaye comes to her with a glass of water and  puppy eyes ...

    anika stars moving away and he shouts Anika wait .. anika listen to me ..but she turns away 
    the BG song plays ..'Bol na mahi bol na ..."
    anika angrily walks away from that bed with her quit and goes to sleep in the study room sofa , shivaye stares after her .He goes up to her, stands behind the sofa and stares at her sleeping form 
    reporter says he is concerned about anika for the hurt he has given her 

    he believed Daksh that anika slept with him for a price of 15 lakhs 
    shivaye was furious on hearing that and thought the worst of anika and tortured her with his SSO giri 
    now that the truth is out shivaye regrets it and is trying to make up to her 

    anika gives a byte that SSO assumed that she did wrong thing with Dakhs aas that guy made SSO believe 
    but now that has been cleared 
    this happened quite early not dragged like other shows .. 
    now SSo is trying to manao anuka but anuka itno jaldi kahan maanney wali hai she i sshowing her anik giri, she is showing her tadi , attitude 


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