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  • Wednesday, 21 December 2016

    "OMG Naina-Raghav Ka Divorce?? Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil UMT 21st December Video

    Written Update

    Pardes where a court room scene is being shot
    RaIna have come to the court as Naina's bro has filed a case of cheating at wedding and file for divorce for Raina

    but there arrives Naina's mother who is confused and surprised and she asks naina whats going on
    just for the sake of her mother naina decides not to divorce Raghav and she makes an excuse to her mother .. about MU on her brother's part


    she assures maa that raina will not divorce  maa is happy for them

    soon daadi too arrives there and she assures naina's mother that she wil take care of Raina, ki jodi like her children and will make sure they live together

    reporter says now that you have called off the divorce naina you have to live with raghav now ..

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