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  • Tuesday, 27 December 2016

    "OMG Ishwari knows About Sona's infertility left house" Kuch Rang Pyar Ke UMt 27th Dec Video+WU

    written Update

    where devakshi are frantically looking for maa Ishwari but she is no where to be found in the DIxit  house
    they ask neha and GKB

    both if the accuse Sona for being responsible
    devakshi ask how was that possible


     GKB accuses that jiji came to know about SOna 's lie.. that she was not pregnant .. that she lied t ishwari and every body ..

    GKB then reveals that she found Sona's report from some where and she got is read by a doc whom she knew and she revealed the truth to jiji

    that sona was not only not pregnant that she could never ever conceive .

    GKB reveals that Jiji got so upset that she went of some where with out informing any one
    Devakshi are shocked

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