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  • Monday, 19 December 2016

    "Dev Out of House Sona-ishwari Together " Kuch Rang Pyar Ke SBS 19th Dec Video

    Dev is shown angry. The whole Dixit family is present in the hall. Riya is standing far.

    Sona is trying make Dev understand something. She holds his arm and he angryily pulles his hand and Sona is about to fall. Everyone gets shocked. Ishwari and Elena rushes to Sona.

    Ishwari says is this the way to behave. Do i have to teach you how to behave with a girl?

    Dev says change your decision. Don't break the alliance (Riya and Ayaan's wedding). Ishwari says, i took the decision and its finally. Sona wants to say something, but Dev shouts at her. Don't say anything. I am talking to maa. Ishwari says you are not talking, you are shouting at her.

    DevAkshi room scene was shown. Where they are arguing about something.

    Ishwari holds Dev's hand and throw him out of the house and close the door.

    GKB says Jiji, he is your Dev. How can you do this to him?

    Shaheer Iv was there: He said it was surprising for him too. To know Dev will behave with Maa in this way. But Dev is in some situation where he cannot tell anybody anything and in all this he don't know what he's doing. People are bound to get angry in such kind of situations. And he want Riya and Ayaan's wedding to happen as there's something Ayaan is aware off and Dev cannot let him take advantage of the situation. It is really interesting. You'll get to know when you'll watch the episode.

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