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  • Wednesday, 28 December 2016

    Anika-Shivaay Romance " Ishqbaaaz BTDD 28th December Video+Wu

    Written Update

    Soumya RUDRA AND shibika are seen romacing 
    Soumya and arudra were having a fight ,on the stairs  . Nok jhok as usual ..finally soumya adds romamtic tadka to Their nok jhok .. She starts giving example of Shivika  romamce to rudra 

    Shvika .. Who are near the fountain ...
    were concerned about Rumya and were going towards them to settle their fight but Shivaye realize that Rumya were talking about Shivika, giving examples of Shivika romance !!


    Shivika over hear Rumya talking how Shivaye lifts up Anika when romancing , rudra tries to lift up Soumya but soumya falls off from his arms 
    She gets annoyed that he dropped her .

    At the fountain in the meanwhile  Shivaye  holds Anika back .. Tries to stop her from disturbing the love birds Rumya .. romancing on the stairs ..

    Shivaye holds Anika around the waist and pulls her to himself 
    Anika feels his arms around her waist and Shivaye's form touching her back as she bangs into him 
    Shivika have a moment of romantic eyelock, they are lost in eachother for a few moments .. At their unexpected sudden closeness which affects both of them and they yearn for eachother.  

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