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  • Wednesday, 13 September 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata hai 13th September 2017 Written Update

    Episode Start with Naira comes to Room  where Kartik is Switching Light on off
    naira Says Moon is arrived if You like Then come Please and I am Not Pressuring You Just Think That Because of Anger we loose So Many Happiness and Then Only Regression is Left in the End
    Kartik seems Still angry
    At Goenka House
    Ladies are Performing rituals and Males are Breaking Their wives Fast Keerti is Also breaking fast By watching Naksh’s Pic In Mobile
    Suwarna is Silently Saying Sorry to Manish and Dadi is Praying for Kaira
    At Singhnia House
    All ladies Stand with their Pooja’s Thal and their Husband with them
    Naira takes Mobile and Doing Pooja with Kartik’s Pic in Mobile

    Naira close Eyes and she Takes Channi To see the Moon and when she Opens her eyes Kartik is Standing There All are happy and Naira Quickly Start her Pooja and apply Tilak and She takes The water to His Mouth and Explain How she Understand Everything and He Drinks water and Breaks His Fast Then He takes Same Glass and takes to her Mouth She Drinks The water and Then Both Feed Each Other Sweet she takes his Blessing But he Stops her and Everyone shower Flower on Them

    Here keerti Opens the gift and Happy to see the Gift She gets Naksh’s call and Asks About Gift She Says I Love..i Loved it
    Naksh Informs her About Kaira’s Pooja News and She is so happy to Listen This
    Both Hung Up and Keerti Informs To Everyone who are happy to Listen this

    At Singhania House

    Ladies serve the Food and Naksh Says That we will Eat Together
    Naiar to Sits and naitik tells Kartik to Sit But he says No..I will take a Leave Now
    Bhabhi Maa Also Forces But Naira shows Her Hand and Everyone Stop
    Kartik tells He will take Naitik’s car and will Drive Himself and He Folds his hands and Leaves

    He comes Outside and Opens The Gate But Naira Stops Him and Says Take This Box which have Kachori for love Kush Please Take This he about to Go But She Says One Key Inside the Box which have Answer of everything
    She Continues How You Make Me Understand On Mumma’s accident time Now You are On my Place and Please Think About for a Second about keys and take care of Yourself and I Love You
    He Sees the key and Looks at her Going inside

    Naira reaches the Global Bank and she Sits there and wait for kartik who is Playing Video game in Angry mode Love Kush are Scared to See Him Like This and he is thinking about what naira Has told
    He comes To bank and Naira Looks at Him
    And Says Thanks for coming But He says in anger that I have Thrown This Key out yesterday But take Back not for any Truth just for My Maa’s Thing Inside the Locker
    I don’t believe what You Say She Says It’s Not Challenge he Says lets Do and We will see
    They come to Window where Person Says That Locker Time is Over But Kartik uses Goenkas Name and person go to talk Manager and Kartik Explains Naira why he used That Name
    At House keerti informs About Kartik’s Departure in Hurry and she understand The urgency and so happy

    At Bank
    Kaira come to Locker area and Kartik Opens The Locker Slowly he take Out the jewellery  and gets Emotional to see Naira takes Out the Other jewellery and One Sketch Book
    Naira then Take Out one envelop and Looks at Kartik who is in tears But Somehow She Gives Envelop to kartik and Says Truth is inside the Envelop
    He Opens and Looks at her

    Precap : Kaira come Home and Suwarna is Watching when Kartik come and Says Thank You for giving Naira Keys because of You I went to bank and Now I can prove Right is Right and Wrong is wrong Naira Takes Deep Breathe   

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