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  • Wednesday, 13 September 2017

    Kartik comes To break Naira's Teej fast Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata hai BTDD 13th September Video WU

    Written Update :

    Kartik comes To break Naira's Teej fast Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata hai Bhabhi Tera Devar Dewaana 13th September 2017

    Segment Start with Naira is Dressed and All ready for Teej's Pooja She has Veil on her head and Channi To see the Moon But Her Eyes are Searching Kartik..Other ladies are Assuring her that kartik will come she nods 

    There Kartik comes and Meet with naitik and come to Area where ladies are doing Pooja He comes and Stands In front of Naira who is So happy to see him She Apply Tilak on his Forehead and Start Aarti 
    He Looks at her while she is doing Aarti 

    Next She About to Take his Blessin By Touching his feet But He Stops her in between and Then he takes water and she Drinks and She does Same and He Drinks water Both Feeds Each Other Sweet Reporter Says Kartik Just came for This Teej Because This is Their 1st teej After Marriage 

    Kartik and Naira's Interview : Kartik Says He saw Dream that Kaira will do Teej Pooja Together so he came to Perform Pooja and Everything is not Right Between them 
    Naira Says She is All dressed Up for Him and was Waiting for Him and he came for her yes he is Still Angry from her But for her its Biggest Thing That Her husband is breaking her fast

    Next Scene Naira is Eating and Kartik comes There Naitik tells him to Sit But he Left from there And Naira Just Looks at Him 
    Reporter shows Scene of Manish and Suwarna's Pooja and Keerti too breaks her fast By kartik's Pic in Phone 

    Must watch This Segment 

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